Virtual DesignAR


1) Sketch feature to annotate & Draw directly on photos.

2) Add to Wishlist for future purchase

3) Search products from various stores and organize them virtually at home

4) Read verified product reviews

1) View products virtually on your phone’s camera and use 3D Rotator to rotate & place

2) Product Filter to select specific category products with a specific range of colors & prices

3) Search, View and Shop from various product from different vendors

4) Save & share photos with your friends, Family and home professionals

1) Compare various colour porducts


Virtual Design AR app is the best utility cum shopping app where you can search view and virtually select the product by actually placing it at any corner of your home. You can select various products with different colors as a 3D object that you can drag, rotate and drop anywhere in the home virtually where it gets fit.

With Virtual Design AR, you can improve and design your home with your finger tap, whether you are building, remolding or decorating your home this will be helpful to do it with ease.

The best part here is you can take the picture of your visualization of the placement of product at your home and share it with your friend, family or any professionals to get advice before you actually shop that.

There are various products available from different brands and vendors which you can search, select, design, share and shop as per your requirement.

Development Process

Unit Test
Feedback &
Iterate & Refine


Client is based at US and wanted this product to be launched in multiple nations like UK, Australia, France, Denmark, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand. He provided and shared contacts to different vendors of these countries and we jointly provided a POC to them so that they agree to give their confirmation to share their product feeds which can be list in the app.

Our client has got this idea when they actually renovate their home and they wanted something unique way to get interior products visuals in a way that they can place in the home virtually and decide whether to purchase it or not by consulting any professionals, family or friends via an app. And our business analyst suggested to go with Augmented Reality which can fulfill our client’s expectations in unique way.

Team has the knowledge of Augmented Reality but this was the first time they were working on a new demanding platform and they really excited to executed this well. They plan, prepare a solid architecture and executed it with Bang!

The biggest challenge team have faced it testing it real time with live product feeds which is actually 3D Object so that users can drag, rotate 360 degrees and drop wherever they want. But that is what our team know for, taking any challenging work and execute it with ease. They have shown great caliber here as it’s one of the best trending app in many countries.

Technology Stack

Angular 2
Google Cloud
Firebase DB
Firebase Analytics
Android Studio
Firebase Analytics

My experience with the folks at Clarision was splendid. over 12 years of my professional experience working in several countries with number of development companies, where mostly I used to prefer to work with U.S. based developers only. But when I get in touch with Clarision, they just amazed me even though the folks at Clarision are based far away, their comprehension to my needs and their knowledge of diverse technology platforms and different framework is unmatched. I had total access to my Clarision project manager any time I needed to contact him with questions or concerns. On another note, of all the developers I have used in the past, Clarision had the most competitive prices so far considering the complexity and 3rd Party dependencies of the project. I am planning to upscale this one as well as execute new ideas very soon where I have decided to use Clarision undoubtedly. I highly recommend Clarision to those out there looking for any technology solution, they are top notch.

Deborah Rothman

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