A one app platform through which you can control all your home appliances smartly in the Internet of World(things).

Be it iOS, Android or Tablet, you can control lights, refrigerators, air conditioner, TV/LCD, Music System, Washer, Curtains, or Fountains. A single app for everything that you can control at your home. This simply helps you to control your home with your finger tap.

App Spotlights

With the Homify App, you can easily control everything in your Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom or Garden all the Lighting, Multimedia or any electronics items at your home. Whether you’re on the road with your smartphone or you are sitting at your office, you can control with your finger tap using Homify App.

Homify App takes care of thousands of tasks for you, with single tap to any switches of your home accessories through your smartphone or tablets. You can take control of your home switches to lights, AC, TV, Curtains, Fountains anything that you have configured in the Homify app.

App Features


To create Homify, we needed a centralized method to control all the smart accessories. We decided to have one smart home hub that could connect all the home appliances and provide user to have Homify as a universal remote to everything.
Compatibility of an AC, Refrigerator or a dish washer is also made feasible with smart hub connection. One can add, configure and use any new smart appliances with Homify.
To operate using smart switches and lights, we have used ZWave and Zigbee to connect to the Hub that is controlling existing appliances. And lights can also get connected to a hub and make an easy use of Homify app.
Connected Smart TV and Speakers to easy management of entertainment system and media library from anywhere.
Smart Curtains, Blinds, Shading and Fountains with Multipurpose sensors so that you can operate them using an app from any corner of your home or outside of the home as well.


Design Process

Development Process

Technology Stack

John McGrath

The team at Clarision impressed me a lot that I can’t express in few words. They managed our project from start to finish, they were happy to assist and enhance our application based on feedback and ideas we sent. They are responsive and supportive even though our testing and feedback was demanding. At every stage, I was impressed by their willingness to make changes and their fast, efficient turnaround of any tweaks, or updates we asked for. I have continued refining and enhancing the project by adding new features with these guys, but I feel we have a beautiful app as on date by an experienced and trustworthy team. Thank you again Clarision for delivering on time, on budget – and being great to work with! Highly recommended.”

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