Driving Zone

You can choose from various challenging tracks with different weather conditions, from winter to hot sunny desert for different cities across the country. Because of the environment of each track is changing in real-time mode, it looks like you are driving a car in real life.

There are 10 different cars you can choose from at the time of game start. All Cars are different in nature and characteristics – from small low-power cars to sports car, American muscle car or a huge SUV. High detailed exteriors and interiors will enrich your gameplay more realistic and will give you the feel that you are actually driving.

  • Modern beautiful graphics for different cities and a complete game play is in 3D.
  • Realistic car physics and its parts to customize the car as you want;
  • 10 vehicles well designed inside and outside;
  • User can select different driving style depending on their mood and route selected.
  • 4 routes with different weather conditions and suburbs;
  • A toggle car view where you can view from inside the car, or a bird view outside the car.
  • Client wanted this game to be launched for several countries with the feel of the specific country routs and suburb. He also wanted this game should run on all platform devices with an accurate performance with high definition design.
  • Modeling 3D objects in terms of a specific area, weather and temperature would be a challenging task where team has done tremendous work and prepare an algorithm so that it reflects in real time while user is playing the game.
  • Car customization is the heart of the app where user can customize their car by their own, whether it is Car color, doors, tires, decals, hood, interior, front, or rear. They have an option to purchase the latest tools and accessories from the store as well to get the best car while chasing any level of the game.
  • The biggest challenge team have faced maintaining the app performance level wise each country rout as the game progress and making this huge concept into tiny devices with high definition images and 3D objects without any memory leak issues and interactive user experience as there are lot to display in one single screen while user is in game play mode, lots of controls, points, speeds and milestones achieved everything needs to be displayed in one single screen.
Client Img

Alexander S.

Clarision has helped us pave our way through tough spots. They do not afraid to ask questions when they are not clear with anything. And always come with valuable suggestions and viable solutions based on their experience. They lifted the weight off our shoulders with a clean dependable support. For our 3D game concept, they did a terrific job not only with the design and development but coming with some cool fresh ideas which requires the most for the game. The best thing about Clarision is they listen to us very calmly, work diligently and quick collaboration is the key aspect to their success. Great Team, Excellent Work.

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